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Roadway & Highway Design

Designing infrastructure to safely and efficiently move people and goods

Providing safe and efficient transportation infrastructure is more challenging today due to limited funding and increasingly complex regulatory processes. Parametrix works with clients to develop solutions that are cost effective and minimize disruption to users and the environment. We incorporate LID, green streets, and complete streets principles to create appealing, safe, and sustainable transportation right-of-ways.

Port Westward Roadway | Parametrix
Port Westward Roadway Improvements 
​Clatskanie, Oregon
Client: ​​​​​Columbia County

To provide better access to the Port Westward industrial park, 7-miles of Hermo Road were improved. The multi-stage project received federal grant funding for safety and capacity improvements between Highway 30 in Clatskanie to the industrial park. Parametrix was responsible for design and construction services for roadway widening and reconstruction, signal design, curb and sidewalk, guardrail, asphalt overlay, drainage improvements, and signage and striping. Our design avoided environmental impacts to allow critical maintenance and safety improvements to be completed quickly. We developed innovative stormwater treatment solutions. Runoff from the paved roadway is treated using an ecology embankment and a planted, amended soil shoulder adjacent to the edge of asphalt. Filter strips, ditches with amended soils, and bioswales were also used to treat stormwater. These approaches minimized the width of the roadway section and reduced project costs.



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