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Roadway & Highway Design

Designing infrastructure to safely and efficiently move people and goods

Providing safe and efficient transportation infrastructure is more challenging today due to limited funding and increasingly complex regulatory processes. Parametrix works with clients to develop solutions that are cost effective and minimize disruption to users and the environment. We incorporate LID, green streets, and complete streets principles to create appealing, safe, and sustainable transportation right-of-ways.

I-84 Meridian Road Interchange;
Meridian, Idaho
Client: ITD

The I-84 Meridian Road Interchange project replaced an existing diamond interchange with a new Single-Point Urban Interchange (SPUI) and reconstructed over 4 miles of interstate to provide additional capacity, improve safety, and extend the design life of I-84. Considered the gateway to the City of Meridian, the interchange is currently the second busiest in the State of Idaho. Originally constructed in 1965, the interchange was designed to handle 11,000 vehicles per day. The new interchange is designed to handle 284,000 vehicles per day. The new two-span SPUI is wide enough to allow widening of the interstate to 4 lanes in each direction. Meridian Road now has 3 lanes in each direction with dual left turn lanes and sidewalks and bike lanes. Parametrix was the prime consultant for the design of this interchange, completing design and PS&E in just 10 months. Work was coordinated closely with an in-house ITD design team designing improvements to I-84, and we combined both projects into one bid package.



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