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Roadway & Highway Design

Designing infrastructure to safely and efficiently move people and goods

Providing safe and efficient transportation infrastructure is more challenging today due to limited funding and increasingly complex regulatory processes. Parametrix works with clients to develop solutions that are cost effective and minimize disruption to users and the environment. We incorporate LID, green streets, and complete streets principles to create appealing, safe, and sustainable transportation right-of-ways.

Cross-SKIA Connector | Parametrix
Cross-SKIA Connector 
Port Orchard, Washington
Client: ​​Port of Bremerton

This new road provides mobility through the South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA).  Beginning at SR 3 north of the Bremerton National Airport, the road provides access to undeveloped land allowing for additional industrial development. Parametrix led the design effort, which included designing improvements to SR 3, a new roundabout, and two travel lanes. As part of the design, LID features were incorporated through the use of pervious concrete shoulders and a separated pervious asphalt pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians. Stormwater is managed onsite and is infiltrated through subsurface infiltration galleries. The use of pervious pavements resulted in substantial cost savings for the Port of Bremerton.

Other major technical challenges have included construction phasing on a narrow corridor with only one alternate route; creation of lidded sections over the highway at six locations; developing a tolling plan for revenue generation to assist with funding ; analyzing possible effects of tolling on system performance and congestion management; managing and treating stormwater runoff from the proposed bridge; and developing avoidance and mitigation approaches where trade-offs between the effects to the natural and the built environment are likely. In our work on this project, Parametrix has served as the State’s principal advisor on the broad range of engineering and regulatory compliance issues presented by the overlapping interests of 30 jurisdictions and community interest groups.



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